rawzer (rawzer) wrote in abqgamers,

New in town, looking for some DnD players...

Hi folks, I just moved here about a month ago, and unfortunately I haven't made any close friends yet. I'm 21, just graduated from a small, liberal arts, state college in New York, and I'm friendly, polite, honest, creative, and funny.

I was hoping to bond over tabletop roleplaying, so I'd love to find a small group of DnD players, although I'd be up for almost any tabletop, dice and paper RPG. My original game was the WoW tabletop, and I also like the Star Wars RPG. But I'd love to try something new as well.

So, if you need or would like another party member, I'd love to join an existing group. I live in NE Alb. and I can go somewhere like a cafe (Flying Star?) or bookstore to meet you for the first time.

Hope this finds you well,

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