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Albuquerque Gamers Wanted


I am looking to start a guild of locals for online gaming. I am looking for people in the local area, who visit from time to time or those willing and able to travel to various meeting venues. I would like to build a guild and friendships with people I can actually meet, enjoy food, drink and strategize in person with.

The guilds main focus would be an MMO but would greatly welcome some old school paper and dice games. I am currently looking at Vanguard “Saga of Heroes” as the guilds main focus but open to suggestions. My travels have lead to extensive experience with NeverWinter Nights (Old AOL MMO), Ultima Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, World of WarCraft, D&D and EVE Online.

The plan is to build from the ground up from our name, to our web site and forums to our rules, charter and governing style. Everyone willing would be involved, heard and ultimately an influence on your guild.

We will have a very unique and attractive web site which will include but not limited to;

flash movies
member populate news
real time chat
photo and screen shots (upload & stored directly to our site)

Suggestions, additional content and help are welcome

If interested let me know via or here
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